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A sample of galaxy clusters to study the fundamental plane: Redshift measurements

We present the results of spectroscopic observations of galaxies in a sample of nearby clusters. We measured galaxy redshifts and estimated cluster velocity dispersions. These observations were carried out at the Observatoire de Haute Provence as part of a program aiming at a more detailed study of the Cluster Fundamental Plane.

New measurements of radial velocities in clusters of galaxies-V

As a part of our galaxy-cluster redshift survey, we present a set of 79 new velocities in the 4 clusters Abell 376, Abell 970, Abell 1356, and Abell 2244, obtained at Haute-Provence observatory. This set now completes our previous analyses, especially for the first two clusters. Data on individual galaxies are presented, and we discuss some cluster properties. For A376, we...

The cluster of galaxies Abell 376

We present a dynamical analysis of the galaxy cluster Abell 376 based on a set of 73 velocities, most of them measured at Pic du Midi and Haute-Provence observatories and completed with data from the literature. Data on individual galaxies are presented and the accuracy of the determined velocities is discussed as well as some properties of the cluster. We obtained an improved...

Redshift of clusters and galaxies towards the Shapley Concentration

We report velocity measurements of galaxies in this, the densest mass concentration within , obtained with the multifiber spectrograph MEFOS at ESO, La Silla. We derive redshifts of a number of Abell clusters and draw implications for the supercluster structure. The clusters A3554, A3566, A3577 and AS718 are confirmed as members, while the clusters A3524, A3531, A3542, A3545 and...

The XMM-LSS survey: the Class 1 cluster sample over the initial 5 deg2 and its cosmological modelling*

e`vre 13 D. Maccagni 10 A. Mazure 13 D. Proust 0 H. J. A. R ottgering 1 G. Trinchieri 11 0 GEPI, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon , F-92195 Meudon Cedex , France 1 Leiden Observatory , PO Box 9513, 2300