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Networks of \(\cdot /G/\infty \) queues with shot-noise-driven arrival intensities

We study infinite-server queues in which the arrival process is a Cox process (or doubly stochastic Poisson process), of which the arrival rate is given by a shot-noise process. A shot-noise rate emerges naturally in cases where the arrival rate tends to exhibit sudden increases (or shots) at random epochs, after which the rate is inclined to revert to lower values. Exponential...

A tandem fluid network with Lévy input in heavy traffic

In this paper we study the stationary workload distribution of a fluid tandem queue in heavy traffic. We consider different types of Lévy input, covering compound Poisson, \(\alpha \)-stable Lévy motion (with \(1<\alpha <2\)), and Brownian motion. In our analysis, we separately deal with Lévy input processes with increments that have finite and infinite variance. A distinguishing...