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Sub-10 nm Cu5FeS4 cube for magnetic resonance imaging-guided photothermal therapy of cancer

Sub-10 nm Cu5FeS4 cube for magnetic resonance imaging-guided photothermal therapy of cancer Dan Wang,1 Yuwen Zhang,1 Qi Guo2 1Department of Pathology, The First People’s Hospital of Shangqiu

High-quality-draft genome sequence of the multiple heavy metal resistant bacterium Pseudaminobacter manganicus JH-7T

Pseudaminobacter manganicus JH-7T (= KCTC 52258T = CCTCC AB 2016107T) is a Gram-staining-negative, aerobic and non-motile strain that was isolated from a manganese mine. The strain JH-7T shows multiple heavy metal resistance and can effectively remove Mn2+ and Cd2+. In addition, it is able to produce exopolysaccharides (EPS), which may contribute to metal remove/adsorption. Thus...

Golgin-160 and GMAP210 play an important role in U251 cells migration and invasion initiated by GDNF

Foundation of China (grant Nos. 81372698, 81402918) and Jiangsu University Natural Science Foundation funded project (17KJB310015. Dan Wang: Funding, Lin-Yan Huang: Funding, Introduction Glioma is a ... analysis: Lin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Dan Wang, Lin-Yan Huang, Dian-Shuai Gao. Investigation: Lan Luan, Yue Wang. Methodology: Lan Luan, Yue Wang. 16 / 18 Project administration: Chuan-Xi Tang, Jie

Repair of osteonecrosis of the femoral head

 QinBin ShiFan-Jie LiuLei-Lei WangBo‑Nian ZhaoTie-feng SunLing LinDan-Dan Wang Open Access Originalien First Online: 17 January 2019 1 Shares 173 Downloads Abstract Background

Screening and identification of Lactic acid bacteria from Ya’an pickle water to effectively remove Pb2+

Heavy metal lead, which enters the human body through food intake, endangers human health. Microbe has the ability of adsorbing heavy metal, among which lactic acid bacteria are promising microbes to adsorb and remove Pb2+. The purpose of this study was to screen lactic acid bacteria from Ya’an pickle water to effectively remove Pb2+. The 7 strains having strong ability to...

TFDP3 regulates the apoptosis and autophagy in breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231

Contributions Conceptualization: Ling-yu Ding. Data curation: Ling-yu Ding, Yun-shen Jiao. Formal analysis: Ling-yu Ding. Funding acquisition: Yue-dan Wang. Investigation: Ling-yu Ding. Methodology: Ling-yu ... Ding, Qi Hao. Software: Ling-yu Ding, Yun-shen Jiao. Supervision: Qi Guo, Yue-dan Wang. Validation: Ling-yu Ding, Huan-huan Li. Visualization: Ling-yu Ding, Huan-huan Li. Writing ? original draft

Long non-coding RNA 1308 promotes cell invasion by regulating the miR-124/ADAM 15 axis in non-small-cell lung cancer cells

,3 Yuncang Yuan,1 Tianqi Dong,1 Bei Zhu,1 Lei Wang,1 Fangfang Li,1 Chunyan Yang,1 Dengcai Mu,1 Dan Wang,4 Chunjie Xiao,1 Shangyong Zheng1 1School of Medicine, Yunnan University, Kunming, China

The birth of “teacher education”: Power and struggles in naming “teacher education”

, teacher education, as a so-called international norm, was championed for its ?openness? to expand the scope of teacher preparation programs to cover pre-and-in service education 1 Dan Wang The University of

Influencing factors analysis and modeling of hospital-acquired infection in elderly patients

Hospital-acquired infection threatens the patients’ health and life and also impacts medical quality by decreasing the bed turnover rate, prolonging hospitalization, increasing hospital costs and bringing the patients the huge economic losses. Therefore, hospital infection management is the focus of today’s hospital management and one of the most prominent public health problems...

Cobalt-catalyzed electrooxidative C-H/N-H [4+2] annulation with ethylene or ethyne

Ethylene and ethyne are among the simplest two-carbon building blocks. However, quite limited methods can be applied to incorporate ethylene or ethyne into fine chemicals. Here we demonstrate a cobalt-catalyzed dehydrogenative C–H/N–H [4+2] annulation of aryl/vinyl amides with ethylene or ethyne by using an electrochemical reaction protocol. Significantly, this work shows an...

Analysis of dual energy spectral CT and pathological grading of clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)

, Jianhong Zhao, Xueling Zhang, Dan Wang, Zhiping Wang, Junlin Zhou. Data curation: Jinyan Wei, Jianhong Zhao, Xueling Zhang, Dan Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Junlin Zhou. Formal analysis: Jinyan Wei, Jianhong Zhao ... , Jianhong Zhao, Xueling Zhang, Dan Wang, Wenjuan Zhang, Zhiping Wang, Junlin Zhou. Project administration: Jinyan Wei, Junlin Zhou. Resources: Jinyan Wei, Jianhong Zhao, Xueling Zhang, Dan Wang, Wenjuan

Molecular features of giant-cell carcinoma of the lung: a case report and literature review

Molecular features of giant-cell carcinoma of the lung: a case report and literature review Xin Li,* Zihe Zhang,* Jinghao Liu, Dan Wang, Sen Wei, Jun Chen Department of Lung Cancer Surgery, Tianjin ... . Author contributions Xin Li and Jun Chen wrote the manuscript and analyzed all of the data. Xin Li, Zihe Zhang, Jinghao Liu, and Sen Wei provided medical care for the patients and collected the data. Dan

Chiral phase transition of three flavor QCD with nonzero magnetic field using standard staggered fermions

Lattice simulations for (2+1)-flavor QCD with external magnetic field demon-strated that the quark mass is one of the important parameters responsible for the (inverse) magnetic catalysis. We discuss the dependences of chiral condensates and susceptibilities, the Polyakov loop on the magnetic field and quark mass in three degenerate flavor QCD. The lattice simulations are...

Kernel PCA feature extraction and the SVM classification algorithm for multiple-status, through-wall, human being detection

Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar with strong anti-jamming performance and high-range resolution can be used to separate multiple human targets in a complex environment. In recent years, through-wall human being detection with UWB radar has become relatively sophisticated. In this paper, the method of kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) feature extraction and the support vector...

The association between vacA or cagA status and eradication outcome of Helicobacter pylori infection: A meta-analysis

involving vacA or cagA; and studies published neither in English nor Chinese; no data of eradication cases to vacA or cagA status. Data extraction Two authors (Dan Wang and Qiuping Li) extracted the data

Accurate Design of Low Backscattering Metasurface Using Iterative Fourier Transform Algorithm

An accurate method is proposed to design low-backscattering metasurfaces efficiently using an iterative Fourier transform algorithm, which avoids the large amount of time-consuming numerical simulations of complicated electromagnetic problems and provides satisfactory performance to reduce the backward scattering. As an example of the application, a broadband low-backscattering...

Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. GFP-2, a novel Bacillus strain with antimicrobial activities, from Whitespotted bamboo shark intestine

The abuse of antibiotics and following rapidly increasing of antibiotic-resistant pathogens is the serious threat to our society. Natural products from microorganism are regarded as the important substitution antimicrobial agents of antibiotics. We isolated a new strain, Bacillus sp. GFP-2, from the Chiloscyllium plagiosum (Whitespotted bamboo shark) intestine, which showed great...

Risk assessment of deoxynivalenol in high-risk area of China by human biomonitoring using an improved high throughput UPLC-MS/MS method

A risk assessment of deoxynivalenol (DON) was recently conducted for the residents in Henan province, China, where wheat as the staple food are highly consumed. A high-throughput sensitive UPLC-MS/MS method following 96-well μElution solid-phase extraction (SPE) were developed and validated for the determination of DON biomarkers in human urine. Isotope labelled internal standard...

The system capacity view of aging and longevity

XDB19020301 and XDA01010303 to J.D.J.H. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES The authors Jing-Dong J. Han, Lei Hou, Na Sun, Chi Xu, Joseph McDermott and Dan Wang declare that they have no conflict of interests