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Dynasore Protects Mitochondria and Improves Cardiac Lusitropy in Langendorff Perfused Mouse Heart

Background Heart failure due to diastolic dysfunction exacts a major economic, morbidity and mortality burden in the United States. Therapeutic agents to improve diastolic dysfunction are limited. It was recently found that Dynamin related protein 1 (Drp1) mediates mitochondrial fission during ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury, whereas inhibition of Drp1 decreases myocardial...

Losartan reduces collagen content and intimal thickening of iliac arteries after balloon injury in rabbits

Intimal thickening and formation of extracellular matrix are parts of the repair process after vascular injury. Similar processes occur after coronary angioplasty. Prior studies have shown that losartan inhibits intimal thickening in rat carotid arteries following balloon injury. However, the effects of losartan in reducing the collagen content of arteries after balloon injury...

BIN1 Localizes the L-Type Calcium Channel to Cardiac T-Tubules

Cardiac tubular-like membrane invaginations contain the membrane scaffolding protein BIN1, which tethers dynamic microtubules that deliver calcium channels directly to T-tubule membrane.