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Charged fermions below 100 GeV

Abstract How light can a fermion be if it has unit electric charge? We revisit the lore that LEP robustly excludes charged fermions lighter than about 100 GeV. We review LEP chargino searches, and find them to exclude charged fermions lighter than 90 GeV, assuming a higgsino-like cross section. However, if the charged fermion couples to a new scalar, destructive interference...

The minimal fermionic model of electroweak baryogenesis

We present the minimal model of electroweak baryogenesis induced by fermions. The model consists of an extension of the Standard Model with one electroweak singlet fermion and one pair of vector like doublet fermions with renormalizable couplings to the Higgs. A strong first order phase transition is radiatively induced by the singlet-doublet fermions, while the origin of the...

125 GeV Higgs from tree-level A-terms

Abstract We present a new mechanism to generate large A-terms at tree-level in the MSSM through the use of superpotential operators. The mechanism trivially resolves the A/m 2 problem which plagues models with conventional, loop-induced A-terms. We study both MFV and non-MFV models; in the former, naturalness motivates us to construct a UV completion using Seiberg duality...