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Zero-valent iron sand filtration reduces concentrations of virus-like particles and modifies virome community composition in reclaimed water used for agricultural irrigation

ObjectiveZero-valent iron sand filtration can remove multiple contaminants, including some types of pathogenic bacteria, from contaminated water. However, its efficacy at removing complex viral populations, such as those found in reclaimed water used for agricultural irrigation, has not been fully evaluated. Therefore, this study utilized metagenomic sequencing and epifluorescent...

VIROME: a standard operating procedure for analysis of viral metagenome sequences

One consistent finding among studies using shotgun metagenomics to analyze whole viral communities is that most viral sequences show no significant homology to known sequences. Thus, bioinformatic analyses based on sequence collections such as GenBank nr, which are largely comprised of sequences from known organisms, tend to ignore a majority of sequences within most shotgun...