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Modelling collaboration of primary and secondary care for children with complex care needs: long-term ventilation as an example

’ contributions All authors contributed in the conception of the study. Daniela Luzi, Fabrizio Pecoraro and Oscar Tamburis defined the methodology and developed the UML diagrams. Maria Brenner and Miriam O’Shea ... developed and administered the questionnaires as well as collected the answers provided by the CAs. Daniela Luzi, Fabrizio Pecoraro and Oscar Tamburis analysed the answers and produced the results. All

When Data Sharing Gets Close to 100%: What Human Paleogenetics Can Teach the Open Science Movement

This study analyzes data sharing regarding mitochondrial, Y chromosomal and autosomal polymorphisms in a total of 162 papers on ancient human DNA published between 1988 and 2013. The estimated sharing rate was not far from totality (97.6% ± 2.1%) and substantially higher than observed in other fields of genetic research (evolutionary, medical and forensic genetics). Both a...