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A 3-D Rat Brain Model for Blast-Wave Exposure: Effects of Brain Vasculature and Material Properties

Exposure to blast waves is suspected to cause primary traumatic brain injury. However, existing finite-element (FE) models of the rat head lack the necessary fidelity to characterize the biomechanical responses in the brain due to blast exposure. They neglect to represent the cerebral vasculature, which increases brain stiffness, and lack the appropriate brain material properties...

Bargaining for Contract Academic Staff at English Canadian Universities

Universities Jula Hughes and David Bell ∗ Successful unionization of, and conclusion of collective agreements for, contract academic staff in English Canada challenges the received wisdom that the Wagner Act ... staff supports critiques of the Wagner Act model as applied to contingent labour. ∗ Jula Hughes and David Bell teach in the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick. Both acted as chief

A generalized simulation development approach for predicting refugee destinations

In recent years, global forced displacement has reached record levels, with 22.5 million refugees worldwide. Forecasting refugee movements is important, as accurate predictions can help save refugee lives by allowing governments and NGOs to conduct a better informed allocation of humanitarian resources. Here, we propose a generalized simulation development approach to predict the...

An assessment of false positive rates for malaria rapid diagnostic tests caused by non-Plasmodium infectious agents and immunological factors

Conceptualization: Michelle L. Gatton, John W. Barnwell, Qin Cheng, Peter L. Chiodini, San dra Incardona, David Bell, Jane Cunningham, Iveth J. Gonza?lez. Data curation: Michelle L. Gatton. Formal analysis ... . Writing ? original draft: Michelle L. Gatton, Sadmir Ciketic. Writing ? review & editing: Michelle L. Gatton, Sadmir Ciketic, John W. Barnwell, Qin Cheng, Peter L. Chiodini, Sandra Incardona, David Bell

Post-Capture Survival and Implications for By-Catch in a Multi-Species Coastal Gillnet Fishery

As fisheries shift towards ecosystem-based management, the need to reduce impacts on by-catch has been increasingly recognised. In this study the catch composition, discard rate, and post-capture survival of species caught by gillnets in Tasmania, Australia, was investigated. Over half the commercial gillnet catch was discarded, with discard rates of ~20% for target and >80% for...

Development of new malaria diagnostics: matching performance and need

Despite advances in diagnostic technology, significant gaps remain in access to malaria diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis and misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary waste of resources, poor disease management, and contributes to a cycle of poverty in low-resourced communities. Despite much effort and investment, few new technologies have reached the field in the last 30 years aside from...

How should teaching on whole person medicine, including spiritual issues, be delivered in the undergraduate medical curriculum in the United Kingdom?

. Harbinson 0 David Bell 0 0 Centre for Medical Education, The Queen's University of Belfast , 97 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7BL, Northern Ireland , UK Background: Although the General Medical Council

Detection of Plasmodium knowlesi, Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) in a co-endemic area in Malaysia

Background Plasmodium knowlesi is the most common cause of malaria in Malaysia. However, microscopic diagnosis is inaccurate and rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are insufficiently sensitive. PCR is sensitive and specific but not feasible at a district level. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) shows potential with only basic requirements. A commercially available LAMP...

Special section: software quality for mobile apps

, Middlesex UB8 3PH , UK 1 Bournemouth University , Poole, Dorset BH12 5BB , UK Shamal Faily David Bell - Mobile phones are no longer simply a means of communication, but have gradually become supporting

Withania somnifera Root Extract Enhances Chemotherapy through ‘Priming’

Jimmy David Bell 0 1 Irina V Lebedeva, Columbia University, UNITED STATES 0 Current address: Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet , Stockholm , Sweden 1 Department of

Development and clinical performance of high throughput loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of malaria

Background Accurate and efficient detection of sub-microscopic malaria infections is crucial for enabling rapid treatment and interruption of transmission. Commercially available malaria LAMP kits have excellent diagnostic performance, though throughput is limited by the need to prepare samples individually. Here, we evaluate the clinical performance of a newly developed high...

Long-Term Safety of PEGylated Coagulation Factor VIII in the Immune-Deficient Rowett Nude Rat

, Wendela A. Kappers, Thomas Krogh-Meibom, and Hanne Offenberg are employees of Novo Nordisk A/S. Emma Moore, David Bell, and Kai Chiu Liu are employees of Envigo, where the study was conducted

Long-Term Safety of PEGylated Coagulation Factor VIII in the Immune-Deficient Rowett Nude Rat

, Wendela A. Kappers, Thomas Krogh-Meibom, and Hanne Offenberg are employees of Novo Nordisk A/S. Emma Moore, David Bell, and Kai Chiu Liu are employees of Envigo, where the study was conducted

Tools and Strategies for Malaria Control and Elimination: What Do We Need to Achieve a Grand Convergence in Malaria?

Progress made in malaria control during the past decade has prompted increasing global dialogue on malaria elimination and eradication. The product development pipeline for malaria has never been stronger, with promising new tools to detect, treat, and prevent malaria, including innovative diagnostics, medicines, vaccines, vector control products, and improved mechanisms for...

Prototype Positive Control Wells for Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests: Prospective Evaluation of Implementation Among Health Workers in Lao People's Democratic Republic and Uganda

Uganda David Bell 3 11 John Baptist Bwanika 1 11 Jane Cunningham 0 11 Michelle Gatton 7 11 Iveth J. González 6 11 Heidi Hopkins 5 6 11 Simon Peter S. Kibira 4 11 Daniel J. Kyabayinze 5 11 Mayfong ... Republic 10 University of Bayreuth , Bayreuth , Germany 11 Authors' addresses: David Bell, The Global Good Fund/Intellectual Ventures Lab , Bellevue, WA Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are widely used for

The design and evaluation of a shaped filter collection device to sample and store defined volume dried blood spots from finger pricks

Background Dried blood spots are a common medium for collecting patient blood prior to testing for malaria by molecular methods. A new shaped filter device for the quick and simple collection of a designated volume of patient blood has been designed and tested against conventional blood spots for accuracy and precision. Methods Shaped filter devices were laser cut from Whatman...

Plasmodium falciparum parasites lacking histidine-rich protein 2 and 3: a review and recommendations for accurate reporting

Qin Cheng Michelle L Gatton John Barnwell Peter Chiodini James McCarthy David Bell Jane Cunningham 0 0 Global Malaria Programme, World Health Organization , Geneva , Switzerland Malaria rapid