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The Not4 E3 Ligase and CCR4 Deadenylase Play Distinct Roles in Protein Quality Control

Eukaryotic cells control their proteome by regulating protein production and protein clearance. Protein production is determined to a large extent by mRNA levels, whereas protein degradation depends mostly upon the proteasome. Dysfunction of the proteasome leads to the accumulation of non-functional proteins that can aggregate, be toxic for the cell, and, in extreme cases, lead...

Genetic diversity of stilbene metabolism in Vitis sylvestris

Stilbenes, as important secondary metabolites of grapevine, represent central phytoalexins and therefore constitute an important element of basal immunity. In this study, potential genetic variation in Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris, the ancestor of cultivated grapevine, was sought with respect to their output of stilbenes and potential use for resistance breeding. Considerable...

Subinhibitory Arsenite Concentrations Lead to Population Dispersal in Thiomonas sp.

Biofilms represent the most common microbial lifestyle, allowing the survival of microbial populations exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Here, we show that the biofilm development of a bacterial species belonging to the Thiomonas genus, frequently found in arsenic polluted sites and playing a key role in arsenic natural remediation, is markedly modified when exposed to...

Metabolic diversity among main microorganisms inside an arsenic-rich ecosystem revealed by meta- and proteo-genomics

Nuria Fonknechten in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Ludovic Giloteaux in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for David Halter in:Nature Research journals ... Moléculaire, Génomique et Microbiologie, UMR7156 CNRS and UdS, Strasbourg, FrancePhilippe N Bertin, Audrey Heinrich-Salmeron, Florence Goulhen-Chollet, Florence Arsène-Ploetze, Jessica Cleiss-Arnold, David