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Defining and measuring biological activity: applying the principles of metrology

A definition of biological activity is proposed that is superficially analogous to the equation relating the thermodynamic activity of a solute to its concentration via an activity coefficient. The biological activity of a molecular entity is defined as A=cf, where A is the activity, c the amount-of-substance concentration, and f is a parameter designated as “inherent activity...

Exploring the use of internal and externalcontrols for assessing microarray technical performance

Background The maturing of gene expression microarray technology and interest in the use of microarray-based applications for clinical and diagnostic applications calls for quantitative measures of quality. This manuscript presents a retrospective study characterizing several approaches to assess technical performance of microarray data measured on the Affymetrix GeneChip...

Learning from microarray interlaboratory studies: measures of precision for gene expression

Background The ability to demonstrate the reproducibility of gene expression microarray results is a critical consideration for the use of microarray technology in clinical applications. While studies have asserted that microarray data can be "highly reproducible" under given conditions, there is little ability to quantitatively compare amongst the various metrics and terminology...

Steps to achieve quantitative measurements of microRNA using two step droplet digital PCR

received from an anonymous reviewer that helped us further improve our experimental design. Data curation: Erica V. Stein. Formal analysis: Erica V. Stein, David L. Duewer, Natalia Farkas. Investigation ... : Erica V. Stein, Natalia Farkas, Erica L. Romsos. Methodology: Erica V. Stein, David L. Duewer, Natalia Farkas, Erica L. Romsos, Lili Wang, Kenneth D. Cole. Project administration: Erica V. Stein

“Degrees of equivalence” for chemical measurement capabilities: primary pH

The key comparison (KC) studies of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance—Metrology in Chemistry help ensure the reliability of chemical and biochemical measurements relevant to international trade and environmental-, health-, and safety-related decision making. The traditional final evaluation of each measurement result reported by a KC participant is a “degree of...