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Possible species-flock scenario for the evolution of the cyprinid genus Capoeta (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) within late Neogene lake systems of the Armenian Highland

Madrid (MNCN). 17 / 21 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Davit Vasilyan, Madelaine Bo?hme. Data curation: Anna Ayvazyan, Davit Vasilyan, Madelaine Bo?hme. Formal analysis: Anna Ayvazyan. Funding ... acquisition: Madelaine Bo?hme. Investigation: Anna Ayvazyan, Davit Vasilyan, Madelaine Bo?hme. Methodology: Anna Ayvazyan, Madelaine Bo?hme. Supervision: Davit Vasilyan, Madelaine Bo?hme. Validation: Anna

Early Pleistocene freshwater communities and rodents from the Pasinler Basin (Erzurum Province, north-eastern Turkey)

An Early Pleistocene lacustrine faunal assemblage from Pasinler (Erzurum Province, north-eastern Turkey) is described, which encompasses 13 mollusc, 5 fish, 2 amphibian, 1 reptile, and 1 mammal species. The autochthonous freshwater mollusc fauna indicates shallow stagnant waters and a fine-sandy to muddy lake bottom, grown with submersed plants. The fish community (Leuciscus sp...

Pronounced Peramorphosis in Lissamphibians—Aviturus exsecratus (Urodela, Cryptobranchidae) from the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum of Mongolia

Background The oldest and largest member of giant salamanders (Cryptobranchidae) Aviturus exsecratus appears in the latest Paleocene (near the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum) of Mongolia. Based on femoral and vertebral morphology and metrics, a terrestrial adaptation has been supposed for this species. Methodology/Principal Findings A detailed morphological reinvestigation of...