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A novel approach for exploring climatic factors limiting current pest distributions: A case study of Bemisia tabaci in north-west Europe and assessment of potential future establishment in the United Kingdom under climate change

Conceptualization: Catherine D. Bradshaw, Deborah Hemming, Richard Baker. Data curation: Catherine D. Bradshaw. Formal analysis: Catherine D. Bradshaw, Richard Baker, Anastasia Korycinska. Funding acquisition ... : Deborah Hemming. Investigation: Catherine D. Bradshaw, Anastasia Korycinska. Methodology: Catherine D. Bradshaw, Deborah Hemming, Richard Baker. Project administration: Deborah Hemming, Richard Baker

Pollen exposure and hospitalization due to asthma exacerbations: daily time series in a European city

Exposure to pollen can contribute to increased hospital admissions for asthma exacerbation. This study applied an ecological time series analysis to examine associations between atmospheric concentrations of different pollen types and the risk of hospitalization for asthma in London from 2005 to 2011. The analysis examined short-term associations between daily pollen counts and...