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A Retrospective on Race: The View from Long Island

By Deborah W. Post, Published on 02/06/19 ... Nationalism. 6 My first research and writing as a law professor examined continuity and change in business law. Deborah W. Post, Continuity and Change: Partnership Formation under the Common Law, 32 VILLANOVA L


By Deborah W. Post, Published on 02/06/19 ... Patricia J. Williams, Columbia Law School; Professor Paula C. Johnson, Syracuse University College of Law; Professor Deborah W. Post, Touro Law; Professor Paulette M. Caldwell, NYU Law; Professor Anthony

Critical Thoughts about Race, Exclusion, Oppression, and Tenure

By Deborah W. Post, Published on 09/01/94 ... at: Critical Thoughts About Race, Exclusion, Oppression, and Tenure Deborah W. Post* I have written about tenure before, about the manipulability of the "standards

Appropriation & Transculturation in the Creation of Community

Deborah W. Post. Visiting Pl'Ofessor. DePaul La,,' School; Pl'O­ fessor, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg School of Law. I The First National Meeting of the Regional People of Color Confel'ences was held

Misuse and Abuse of the LSAT: Making the Case for Alternative Evaluative Efforts and a Redefinition of Merit

States-all concur in one respect: it is easier to move up the economic ladder if you have college and graduate degrees.' © 2006 by Phoebe A. Haddon and Deborah W. Post. t Phoebe A. Haddon is a Professor ... Governors of the Law School Admissions Council and the Association of American Law Schools Executive Committee. She is a past co-President of the Society of American Law Teachers. tt Deborah W. Post is a