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Evaluating architecture impact on system energy efficiency

: Hailong Yang, Depei Qian. Software: Shijie Yu. Supervision: Hailong Yang. Validation: Shijie Yu. Visualization: Shijie Yu. Conceptualization: Hailong Yang, Rui Wang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian ... . Methodology: Hailong Yang, Rui Wang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian. Project administration: Hailong Yang, Rui Wang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian. Writing ± original draft: Hailong Yang, Rui Wang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei

IOPA: I/O-aware parallelism adaption for parallel programs

With the development of multi-/many-core processors, applications need to be written as parallel programs to improve execution efficiency. For data-intensive applications that use multiple threads to read/write files simultaneously, an I/O sub-system can easily become a bottleneck when too many of these types of threads exist; on the contrary, too few threads will cause...

Speeding up profiling program’s runtime characteristics for workload consolidation

Workload consolidation is a common method to increase resource utilization of the clusters or data centers while still trying to ensure the performance of the workloads. In order to get the maximum benefit from workload consolidation, the task scheduler has to understand the runtime characteristics of the individual program and schedule the programs with less resource conflict...

Game Theoretical Analysis on Cooperation Stability and Incentive Effectiveness in Community Networks

Community networks, the distinguishing feature of which is membership admittance, appear on P2P networks, social networks, and conventional Web networks. Joining the network costs money, time or network bandwidth, but the individuals get access to special resources owned by the community in return. The prosperity and stability of the community are determined by both the policy of...

Balancing the Lifetime and Storage Overhead on Error Correction for Phase Change Memory

As DRAM is facing the scaling difficulty in terms of energy cost and reliability, some nonvolatile storage materials were proposed to be the substitute or supplement of main memory. Phase Change Memory (PCM) is one of the most promising nonvolatile memory that could be put into use in the near future. However, before becoming a qualified main memory technology, PCM should be...