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Acetate Supplementation Induces Growth Arrest of NG2/PDGFRα-Positive Oligodendroglioma-Derived Tumor-Initiating Cells

Cancer is associated with globally hypoacetylated chromatin and considerable attention has recently been focused on epigenetic therapies. N-acetyl-L-aspartate (NAA), the primary storage form of acetate in the brain, and aspartoacylase (ASPA), the enzyme responsible for NAA catalysis to generate acetate and ultimately acetyl-Coenzyme A for histone acetylation, are reduced in...

Angiogenesis and Invasion

. DEGRADOME PROFILING FAILS TO IDENTIFY A UNIQUE PROTEASE SIGNATURE IN PRIMARY MALIGNANT BRAIN TUMORS Diane M. Jaworski 1, Holly M. Stradecki 1, Paul L. Penar 1, William W. Pendlebury 1, Caroline J. Pennington ... but modest role in GBM progression. CELL BIOLOGY AND SIGNALING CB-01. REGULATION OF AMINOACYLASE EXPRESSION IN NEUROBLASTOMA Patrick M. Long 1, Umadevi V. Wesley 2, and Diane M. Jaworski 3; 1Department

Cell Biology and Signaling

Neuroblastoma, a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, is the most common extracranial solid tumor in children. MYCN amplification and increased BDNF/TrkB signaling are features of high-grade tumors, yet only ∼25% of malignant tumors display those features. Thus, the identification of additional biomarkers and therapeutic targets is essential. Since aminoacylase 1 (ACY1), an...