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Defining health standards through economic optimisation: The example of colostrum management in beef and dairy production

: Pauline Trillat, CeÂlia Cahuzac. Methodology: Didier Raboisson, Marie DervilleÂ. Project administration: Didier Raboisson, Elise MaigneÂ. Supervision: Elise MaigneÂ. Validation: Didier Raboisson, Marie ... DervilleÂ. Visualization: Pauline Trillat, CeÂlia Cahuzac. Writing ± original draft: Didier Raboisson. Writing ± review & editing: Pauline Trillat, Marie DervilleÂ, CeÂlia Cahuzac, Elise MaigneÂ. 1. Beam

Linking disease epidemiology and livestock productivity: The case of bovine respiratory disease in France

Delabouglise, Andrew James. 19 / 23 Methodology: Alexis Delabouglise, Didier Raboisson, Jonathan Rushton. Project administration: Jonathan Rushton. Supervision: Jonathan Rushton. Validation: Alexis ... Delabouglise, Jean-FrancËois Valarcher, Sara HaggluÈnd, Didier Raboisson. Visualization: Alexis Delabouglise. Writing ± original draft: Alexis Delabouglise. Writing ± review & editing: Jean-FrancËois Valarcher

How Metabolic Diseases Impact the Use of Antimicrobials: A Formal Demonstration in the Field of Veterinary Medicine

Decreasing the use of antimicrobials has become a primary objective for both human and veterinary medicine in many countries. Medical prevention and good nutrition are seen as key parameters for reducing antimicrobial use. However, little consideration has been given to how metabolic diseases may influence the use of antimicrobials in humans and animals through limiting the...

Failure of Passive Immune Transfer in Calves: A Meta-Analysis on the Consequences and Assessment of the Economic Impact

Low colostrum intake at birth results in the failure of passive transfer (FPT) due to the inadequate ingestion of colostral immunoglobulins (Ig). FPT is associated with an increased risk of mortality and decreased health and longevity. Despite the known management practices associated with low FPT, it remains an important issue in the field. Neither a quantitative analysis of FPT...

The Impact of Farmers’ Strategic Behavior on the Spread of Animal Infectious Diseases

One of the main strategies to control the spread of infectious animal diseases is the implementation of movement restrictions. This paper shows a loss in efficiency of the movement restriction policy (MRP) when behavioral responses of farmers are taken into account. Incorporating the strategic behavior of farmers in an epidemiologic model reveals that the MRP can trigger...

Application of integrated production and economic models to estimate the impact of Schmallenberg virus for various beef suckler production systems in France and the United Kingdom

Background Schmallenberg virus (SBV) was first detected in November 2011 in Germany and then rapidly spread throughout Europe. In beef suckler farms, clinical signs are mainly associated with reproductive disorders, particularly in late gestation, and intransient and non-specific symptoms, namely diarrhea, inappetence and fever. The objectives of this study were to develop models...