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Heavy Majorana neutrino pair productions at the LHC in minimal U(1) extended Standard Model

In our recent paper (Das et al. in Phys Rev D 97:115023, 2018) we explored a prospect of discovering the heavy Majorana right-handed neutrinos (RHNs) at the future LHC in the context of the minimal non-exotic U(1) extended Standard Model (SM), where a pair of RHNs are created via decay of resonantly produced massive U(1) gauge boson (\(Z^{\prime }\)). We have pointed out that...

Running non-minimal inflation with stabilized inflaton potential

In the context of the Higgs model involving gauge and Yukawa interactions with the spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking, we consider \(\lambda \phi ^4\) inflation with non-minimal gravitational coupling, where the Higgs field is identified as the inflaton. Since the inflaton quartic coupling is very small, once quantum corrections through the gauge and Yukawa interactions are...