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Biological Aortic Heart Valve Prosthesis in Patients Under 65 Years Old: Are the Paradigms Changing?

Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto da Universidade de São Paulo (FMRP-USP), Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil Domingo M. Braile 2Editor-in-Chief - BJCVS Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (FAMERP

Union Generates Success

around the globe. I count on the participation and suggestions from everyone. My warmest regards, Domingo M. Braile 1Editor-in-Chief - BJCVS  This is an Open Access article distributed

The Brazilian Cardiac Surgery, Although it has High International Prestige, Never Performed a Great "Trial

bypass grafting. One review on the left atrial appendage emphasizing issues that often are beyond of the cardiac surgeon's expertise. Domingo M. Braile 1Editor-in-Chief - BJCVS Paulo Roberto B

Overcoming Obstacles

M Braile 1Editor-in-chief - BJCVS REFERENCE 1 Journal Citation Reports [Cited 2015, Oct 22]. Available from: ... knowledge and became worth 5 points in the title Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery Proof of Title. We are open to suggestions and criticisms to improve the system. My warmest regards! Domingo

Autoria no artigo científico: definindo o papel de cada um

EDITORIAL   Authorship in the scientific paper: defining the role of each one     Domingo M. Braile     The Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (BJCVS) has been putting

A RBCCV nas redes sociais

EDITORIAL   BJCVS on social networks     Domingo M. Braile*       The term "social network" is in vogue today, with the growing universality of such tool on the Internet ... M. Braile *Editor-in-Chief RBCCV-BJCVS   REFERENCES 1.        [ Links ] 2.

Novo fator de impacto: 1,239. Meta é passar de 1,5 em 2013

EDITORIAL   New impact factor: 1.239. Goal is to surpass 1.5 in 2013     Domingo M. Braile*       The new Impact Factor (IF) of the Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular ... Brazilian Cardiac Surgery is a marker of the viability of our country, I wish all good reading. My warmest regards,   Domingo M. Braile * Editor in Chief BJCVS   REFERENCE 1. Braile DM, Godoy MF

Surgical Treatment for Thrombus Straddling a Patent Foramen Ovale

 Brandi, MD, PhD3  Carlos Alberto dos Santos, MD, PhD3  Paulo Henrique Husseni Botelho, MD3  Franz Andrei Patriarcha, MD2  Domingo MBraile, MD, MSc, PhD4  1Faculdade de Medicina de São

Experimental Study and Early Clinical Application Of a Sutureless Aortic Bioprosthesis

 Jatene, MD, PhD3  Nelson A. Hossne Jr, MD, PhD4  Renata Gabaldi5  Glaucia Basso Frazzato, MSc5  Guilherme Agreli5  Domingo MBraile, MD, PhD6  1Escola Paulista de Medicina da

RBCCV está agora no Thomson Scientific (antigo ISI)

EDITORIAL   BJCVS is now in the Thomson Scientific (formerly ISI)     Domingo M. Braile*     I am pleased to begin this Editorial by sharing an auspicious note with the

RBCCV caminha para a digitalização total

EDITORIAL   BJCVS on track to complete digitalization     Domingo M. Braile*     I am pleased to start the last editorial of 2008 with excellent news. An agreement between the

Stent aórtico pulsátil: uma nova alternativa na assistência ventricular crônica

OBJECTIVE: Heart failure is currently one of the most common hospitalization causes. Several chronic circulatory assist devices have been tested and are highly complex. The objective is the description of a pulsatile endoprosthesis capable of applying a chronic pulse within the descending aorta, similar to that produced by intra-aortic balloon. METHODS: Pulsatile stents composed...