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Counteracting geometrical attacks on robust image watermarking by constructing a deformable pyramid transform

Counteracting geometrical attacks remains one of the most challenging problems in robust watermarking. In this paper, we resist rotation, scaling, and translation (RST) by constructing a kind of deformable pyramid transform (DPT) that is shift-invariant, steerable, and scalable. The DPT is extended from a closed-form polar-separable steerable pyramid transform (SPT). The radial...

Pathological brain detection in MRI scanning by wavelet packet Tsallis entropy and fuzzy support vector machine

An computer-aided diagnosis system of pathological brain detection (PBD) is important for help physicians interpret and analyze medical images. We proposed a novel automatic PBD to distinguish pathological brains from healthy brains in magnetic resonance imaging scanning in this paper. The proposed method simplified the PBD problem to a binary classification task. We extracted...

Self-adapting root-MUSIC algorithm and its real-valued formulation for acoustic vector sensor array

In this paper, based on the root-MUSIC algorithm for acoustic pressure sensor array, a new self-adapting root-MUSIC algorithm for acoustic vector sensor array is proposed by self-adaptive selecting the lead orientation vector, and its real-valued formulation by Forward-Backward(FB) smoothing and real-valued inverse covariance matrix is also proposed, which can reduce the...