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miR-511 promotes the proliferation of human hepatoma cells by targeting the 3′UTR of B cell translocation gene 1 (BTG1) mRNA

and Treatment of Key Infectious Diseases (No 2014ZX0002002-005). Author contribution Xiao-dong ZHANG conceived the projects; Xiao-dong ZHANG, Jun-qi NIU and Li-hong YE designed the experiments and

MiR-506 suppresses proliferation of hepatoma cells through targeting YAP mRNA 3′UTR

liver cancer . Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2013 ; 439 : 167 - 72 . Li-hong YE , Xiao-dong ZHANG , and Yue WANG designed 14 Tschaharganeh DF , Chen X , Latzko P , Malz M , Gaida MM , Felix K , et al. the ... hepatocellular carcinoma . Gastroenterology 2013 ; the research; Li-hong YE and Xiao- dong ZHANG contributed 144 : 1530 - 42 . new reagents or analytic tools . 15 Bai N , Zhang C , Liang N , Zhang Z , Chang A

Hepatitis B virus X protein promotes human hepatoma cell growth via upregulation of transcription factor AP2α and sphingosine kinase 1

, 81372186) and the Project of Prevention and Treatment of Key Infectious Diseases (No 2014ZX0002002005). Author contribution Xiao-dong ZHANG, Zhan-ping LU, and Li-hong YE designed the research; Zhan-ping LU ... , Ze-lin XIAO, Zhe YANG, Jiong LI, Guo-xing FENG, Fu-quan CHEN, Ying-hui LI, Jin-yan FENG, and Yu-en GAO performed the research; Zhan-ping LU and Ze-lin XIAO analyzed the data; Xiao-dong ZHANG and Zhan

A mutant of HBx (HBxΔ127) promotes hepatoma cell growth via sterol regulatory element binding protein 1c involving 5-lipoxygenase

China (No 30670959). The authors thank Dr Q LIU (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) for providing the plasmids: pFAS-WT-Luc, pFASΔSRE–Luc, and SREBP-1c-571-Luc-WT. Author contribution Xiao-dong ZHANG

Downregulation of Dickkopf-1 is responsible for high proliferation of breast cancer cells via losing control of Wnt/β-catenin signaling

development of breast cancer cells. Author contribution Xiao-lei ZHOU, Xiao-dong ZHANG, Li-Hong YE designed research; Xiao-lei ZHOU, Xiao-ran QIN performed research; Xiao-dong ZHANG, Li-Hong YE contributed ... new reagents or analytic tools; Xiao-lei ZHOU, Xiao-dong ZHANG, Li-Hong YE analyzed data; Xiao-lei ZHOU, Xiao-dong ZHANG, Li-Hong YE wrote the paper. References 1. Ye L, Wu L, Guo W, Ma H, Zhang X

Hepatitis B virus X protein promotes hepatoma cell proliferation via upregulation of MEKK2

by HBx. Our finding suggests that MEKK2 may play important roles in the hepatocarcinogenesis mediated by HBx. Author contribution Xiao-dong ZHANG, Guang-yao KONG, and Li-hong YE designed the ... research; Guang-yao KONG, Jun-ping ZHANG, Shuai ZHANG, and Chang-liang SHAN performed the research; Xiao-dong ZHANG, Guang-yao KONG, and Li-hong YE analyzed the data and wrote the paper. References 1

Transformation of human liver L-O2 cells mediated by stable HBx transfection

contribution 16 Chung TW , Lee YC , Kim CH . Hepatitis B viral HBx induces matrix Prof Xiao-dong ZHANG and Li-hong YE designed the metalloproteinase-9 gene expression through activation of ERK and research; Wei

A novel positive feedback loop involving FASN/p-ERK1/2/5-LOX/LTB4/FASN sustains high growth of breast cancer cells

Xiao-dong ZHANG 1 Li-hong YE 0 0 Department of Biochemistry, the Key Laboratory of Bioactive Materials, Ministry of Education 1 Department of Cancer Research, Key Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology and ... Natural Scientific Foundation (No 08JCZDJC20700). Author contribution Li-hong YE and Xiao-dong ZHANG designed the research; Nan HU, Yu LI, Yu ZHAO, Qi WANG, and Jia-cong YOU performed the experiments; Li

Myosin light chain kinase is responsible for high proliferative ability of breast cancer cells via anti-apoptosis involving p38 pathway

pathway. Potentially, MLCK may serve as a therapeutic target for breast cancer. Author contribution Prof Li-hong YE and Prof Xiao-dong ZHANG designed the research, analyzed the data, wrote the ... Technology of Ministry of Education, Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, ChinaXiao-dong Zhang AuthorsSearch for Wen-jing Cui in:Nature

Promotion of cell proliferation by HBXIP via upregulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase in human mesenchymal stem cells

Xiao-dong ZHANG 1 2 0 Biochemistry 1 Cancer Research, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Microbial Functional Genomics, Institute for Molecular Biology, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University , Tianjin

Gene expression profiles of human liver cells mediated by hepatitis B virus X protein

. Table 2: Genes significantly altered in L-02-X cells and their classifications in signal pathway. Full size table Author contributions Prof Xiao-dong ZHANG and Li-hong YE designed the research; Wei ... Xiao-dong ZHANG revised the paper. References 1. Zhang XD, Zhang WY, Ye LH. Pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus infection. Future Virol 2006; 1: 637–47. CASArticleGoogle Scholar2. Feitelson MA, Sun B

HIF-1α links β-adrenoceptor agonists and pancreatic cancer cells under normoxic condition

-tong HU, Dong ZHANG, Liang HAN, Ya-dong MA, and Ruo-fei LI performed research; Yadong MA and Ruo-fei LI contributed part reagents; Heng-tong HU analyzed data; Heng-tong HU wrote the paper. Abbreviations

NF-κB downregulation may be involved the depression of tumor cell proliferation mediated by human mesenchymal stem cells

Aim:It has been reported that stem cells are able to home to tumorigenesis and inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells. The purpose of our study was to demonstrate the molecular mechanism of the inhibitory proliferation of hepatoma cells and breast cancer cells mediated by human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs).Methods:The proliferation of H7402 human hepatoma cells and MCF-7...

Silibinin inhibits prostate cancer invasion, motility and migration by suppressing vimentin and MMP-2 expression

prostate cancer bone metastasis. Author contribution Kai-jie WU, Jin ZENG, and Da-lin HE designed this research; Kai-jie WU, Guo-dong ZHU, Lin-lin ZHANG, and Dong ZHANG performed this research, Lei LI ... , Dong Zhang, Lei Li & Jin-hai FanOncology Research Lab, Key Laboratory of Environment and Genes Related to Diseases, Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China, Xi'an 710061, ChinaXin-yang Wang