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TRFolder-W: a web server for telomerase RNA structure prediction in yeast genomes

Summary: TRFolder-W is a web server capable of predicting core structures of telomerase RNA (TR) in yeast genomes. TRFolder is a command-line Python toolkit for TR-specific structure prediction. We developed a web-version built on the django web framework, leveraging the work done previously, to include enhancements to increase flexibility of usage. To date, there are five core...

Effect of pooling samples on the efficiency of comparative studies using microarrays

Shu-Dong Zhang 0 Timothy W. Gant 0 0 MRC Toxicology Unit , Hodgkin Building, Lancaster Road , University of Leicester , Leicester , UK Motivation: Many biomedical experiments are carried out by

A statistical framework for the design of microarray experiments and effective detection of differential gene expression

Motivation: Microarray experiments generate a high data volume. However, often due to financial or experimental considerations, e.g. lack of sample, there is little or no replication of the experiments or hybridizations. These factors combined with the intrinsic variability associated with the measurement of gene expression can result in an unsatisfactory detection rate of...