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Effect of TMGa flux on GaN films deposited on Ti coated on glass substrates at low temperature

Highly c-axis-oriented GaN films were deposited on Ti coated glass substrates using low temperature electron cyclotron resonance plasma enhanced metal organic chemical vapor deposition system (ECR-PEMOCVD) with trimethyl gallium (TMGa) as gallium source. The influence of TMGa flux on the properties of GaN films were systematically investigated by reflection high energy electron...

Detection and tracking of clathrin-coated pits in biological images

Dynamically tracking hundreds of individual pits is essential to determine whether there exist “hot spots” for the formation of clathrin-coated pits or if the pits formed randomly on the plasma membrane. We propose an automated approach to detect these particles based on an improved á trous wavelet transform decomposition with automatic threshold selection and post processing...

Kinetic evaluation of the size-dependent decomposition performance of solvent-free microcellular polylactic acid foams

A thermal gravimetric method is described for evaluating the kinetics of cell size-dependent decomposition and lifetime estimation for microcellular tissue engineering scaffolds made of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) foams. PLA foam cell sizes from 550 to 20 μm were fabricated experimentally using a solvent-free solid-state foaming technique under saturation pressures from 1...