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Liver tissue fragments obtained from males are the most promising source of human hepatocytes for cell-based therapies – Flow cytometric analysis of albumin expression

, Krzysztof Dariusz Pluta. Data curation: Karolina Ewa Zakrzewska, Anna Samluk, Agnieszka Wencel. Formal analysis: Dorota Genowefa Pijanowska, Krzysztof Dariusz Pluta. Funding acquisition: Dorota Genowefa ... administration: Krzysztof Dariusz Pluta. Resources: Krzysztof Dudek, Dorota Genowefa Pijanowska, Krzysztof Dariusz Pluta. Supervision: Dorota Genowefa Pijanowska, Krzysztof Dariusz Pluta. Validation: Karolina

Analysis of the Cytotoxicity of Carbon-Based Nanoparticles, Diamond and Graphite, in Human Glioblastoma and Hepatoma Cell Lines

Nanoparticles have attracted a great deal of attention as carriers for drug delivery to cancer cells. However, reports on their potential cytotoxicity raise questions of their safety and this matter needs attentive consideration. In this paper, for the first time, the cytotoxic effects of two carbon based nanoparticles, diamond and graphite, on glioblastoma and hepatoma cells...