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Erotetic Search Scenarios and Three-Valued Logic

Our aim is to model the behaviour of a cognitive agent trying to solve a complex problem by dividing it into sub-problems, but failing to solve some of these sub-problems. We use the powerful framework of erotetic search scenarios (ESS) combined with Kleene’s strong three-valued logic. ESS, defined on the grounds of Inferential Erotetic Logic, has appeared to be a useful logical...

Dual Erotetic Calculi and the Minimal \({\mathsf{LFI}}\)

An erotetic calculus for a given logic constitutes a sequent-style proof-theoretical formalization of the logic grounded in Inferential Erotetic Logic (\({\mathsf{IEL}}\)). In this paper, a new erotetic calculus for Classical Propositional Logic (\({\mathsf{CPL}}\)), dual with respect to the existing ones, is given. We modify the calculus to obtain complete proof systems for the...

Inferential erotetic logic meets inquisitive semantics

Inferential erotetic logic (IEL) and inquisitive semantics (INQ) give accounts of questions and model various aspects of questioning. In this paper we concentrate upon connections between inquisitiveness, being the core concept of INQ, and question raising, characterized in IEL by means of the concepts of question evocation and erotetic implication. We consider the basic system...