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Screening for Postpartum Depression in Well-Baby Care Settings: A Systematic Review

Introduction Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mental health problem frequently experienced by mothers in the first year postpartum. Early detection and treatment can help to reduce its negative effect on the development of the newborn child. Well-baby care (WBC) is a promising screening setting for early detection of PPD. This systematic review investigates the evidence of the...

Practice explains abolished behavioural adaptation after human dorsal anterior cingulate cortex lesions

The role of mid-cingulate cortex (MCC), also referred to as dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, in regulating cognitive control is a topic of primary importance in cognitive neuroscience. Although many studies have shown that MCC responds to cognitive demands, lesion studies in humans are inconclusive concerning the causal role of the MCC in the adaptation to these demands. By...