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Range Minima Queries with Respect to a Random Permutation, and Approximate Range Counting

In approximate halfspace range counting, one is given a set P of n points in ℝ d , and an ε>0, and the goal is to preprocess P into a data structure which can answer efficiently queries of the form: Given a halfspace h, compute an estimate N such that (1−ε)|P∩h|≤N≤(1+ε)|P∩h|.Several recent papers have addressed this problem, including a study by Kaplan and Sharir (Proc. 17th Annu...

Can Falls Risk Prediction Tools Correctly Identify Fall-Prone Elderly Rehabilitation Inpatients? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Background Falls of elderly people may cause permanent disability or death. Particularly susceptible are elderly patients in rehabilitation hospitals. We systematically reviewed the literature to identify falls prediction tools available for assessing elderly inpatients in rehabilitation hospitals. Methods and Findings We searched six electronic databases using comprehensive...