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Produção de fôlhas de diferentes variedades de amoreiras, durante o período de formação das mudas nos sistemas de cepo e fuste

In this paper the experimental results are reported on trials with leaf production carried out with common varieties of mulberry trees (Morus alba)during the period of seedlings formatioin by the systems known as "cepo" and "fuste", in two regions of the Paulista Plateau, namely Limeira and Tatuí. Regarding leaf production, in two years, for the regions, results allowed to reach...

Ensaios de variedades de amendoim. II - Oitava e nona séries de ensaios

This paper presents the results of peanut variety trials carried out at three experiment stations of the Instituto Agronômico, viz., Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, and Pindorama, during two consecutive years (1951-52 and 1952-53). The 16 varieties compared in the tests represented the most promising ones as determined in previous experiments already reported. The best yields were...

Ensaios de variedades de girassol

completo disponível apenas em PDF. Full text available only in PDF format.     LITERATURA CITADA 1.  Canecchio Filho, V. e Eduardo Abramides. Ensaio sobre variedades de girassol. Em Relatório da