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ESQUIZO-Q: Un Instrumento para la Valoración del "Alto Riesgo Psicométrico

correspondencia: Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero Universidad de Oviedo Facultad de Psicología Plaza Feijoo, s/n 33003, Oviedo, España e-mail: Manuscrito recibido: 17/08/2010 Revisión recibida: 28/09/2010

Screening for depressive symptoms in adolescents at school: New validity evidences on the short form of the Reynolds Depression Scale

The main purpose of the present study was to assess the depressive symptomatology and to gather new validity evidences of the Reynolds Depression Scale-Short form (RADS-SF) in a representative sample of youths. The sample consisted of 2914 adolescents with a mean age of 15.85 years (SD = 1.68). We calculated the descriptive statistics and internal consistency of the RADS-SF...

The French Version of the Reflective Functioning Questionnaire: Validity Data for Adolescents and Adults and Its Association with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Introduction The capacity to understand one’s own actions and those of others in terms of cognitive and affective mental states (i.e., reflective functioning or mentalizing) is thought to play a critical role in both typical and atypical development. To date, however, no self-report tool is available for assessing reflective functioning ability in French-speaking samples. The...

Dimensionality of the Wisconsin Schizotypy Scales-Brief Forms in College Students

Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium

Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test for Schizotypy Assessment

Background Schizotypal traits in adolescents from the general population represent the behavioral expression of liability for psychotic disorders. Schizotypy assessment in this sector of population has advanced considerably in the last few years; however, it is necessary to incorporate recent advances in psychological and educational measurement. Objective The main goal of this...

Testing Measurement Invariance of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire-Brief Scores across Spanish and Swiss Adolescents

Background Schizotypy is a complex construct intimately related to psychosis. Empirical evidence indicates that participants with high scores on schizotypal self-report are at a heightened risk for the later development of psychotic disorders. Schizotypal experiences represent the behavioural expression of liability for psychotic disorders. Previous factorial studies have shown...