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Drell-Yan production of multi Z ′-bosons at the LHC within Non-Universal ED and 4D Composite Higgs Models

, U.K 1 Southampton SO17 1BJ , High eld , U.K 2 INFN, Sezione di Firenze and Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Florence 3 Elena Accomando 4 Particle Physics Department, Rutherford

Z ′, Higgses and heavy neutrinos in U(1)′ models: from the LHC to the GUT scale

We study a class of non-exotic minimal U(1)′ extensions of the Standard Model, which includes all scenarios that are anomaly-free with the ordinary fermion content augmented by one Right-Handed neutrino per generation, wherein the new Abelian gauge group is spontaneously broken by the non-zero Vacuum Expectation Value of an additional Higgs singlet field, in turn providing mass...

Forward-backward asymmetry as a discovery tool for Z′ bosons at the LHC

The Forward-Backward Asymmetry (AFB) in Z′ physics is commonly only perceived as the observable which possibly allows one to interpret a Z′ signal appearing in the Drell-Yan channel by distinguishing different models of such (heavy) spin-1 bosons. In this paper, we revisit this issue, showing that the absence of any di-lepton rapidity cut, which is commonly used in the literature...

Phenomenology of minimal Z’ models: from the LHC to the GUT scale

We consider a class of minimal abelian extensions of the Standard Model with an extra neutral gauge boson Z′ at the TeV scale. In these scenarios an extended scalar sector and heavy right-handed neutrinos are naturally envisaged. We present some of their striking signatures at the Large Hadron Collider, the most interesting arising from a Z′ decaying to heavy neutrino pairs as...