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Correction to: Flow-through experiments on the interaction of sandstone with Ba-rich fluids at geothermal conditions

Thomas Kohl 5 Michael Zimmermann 4 Elisabeth Eiche 3 0 Institute of Applied Geoscience-Division of Mineralogy and Petrology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Kaiserstrasse 12, 76131 Karlsruhe , Germany

Flow-through experiments on the interaction of sandstone with Ba-rich fluids at geothermal conditions

Zimmermann Elisabeth Eiche It is commonly known that heat extraction and decompression can lead to mineral precipitation and reservoir clogging in geothermal systems. In the Upper Rhine Graben, the

Characterization of recharge and flow behaviour of different water sources in Gunung Kidul and its impact on water quality based on hydrochemical and physico-chemical monitoring

Institute of Applied Geosciences, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Adenauerring 20b, 76131 Karlsruhe , Germany 2 & Elisabeth Eiche Karst aquifers are important water resources but highly vulnerable due to

Bypassing and tightening of an underground water retention system in permeable karst: case study of the hydropower plant (HPP) Bribin, Indonesia

In the framework of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) joint research project in the karst area of Gunung Kidul, Province of Yogyakarta Special Region on the Java Island, Indonesia, an underground hydropower driven water extraction facility in the cave “Bribin” was developed using pump-as-turbine-driven systems for freshwater supply of the rural area. As numerous...

Increased tolerance to salt stress in OPDA-deficient rice ALLENE OXIDE CYCLASE mutants is linked to an increased ROS-scavenging activity

Salinity stress represents a global constraint for rice, the most important staple food worldwide. Therefore the role of the central stress signal jasmonate for the salt response was analysed in rice comparing the responses to salt stress for two jasmonic acid (JA) biosynthesis rice mutants (cpm2 and hebiba) impaired in the function of ALLENE OXIDE CYCLASE (AOC) and their wild...

Tracking Se Assimilation and Speciation through the Rice Plant – Nutrient Competition, Toxicity and Distribution

Up to 1 billion people are affected by low intakes of the essential nutrient selenium (Se) due to low concentrations in crops. Biofortification of this micronutrient in plants is an attractive way of increasing dietary Se levels. We investigated a promising method of Se biofortification of rice seedlings, as rice is the primary staple for 3 billion people, but naturally contains...