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Taking Risks With Their Hearts: Risk And Emotion In Innovative Forms Of Assessment

- Cover Page Footnote Tania Leiman is a Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of First Year Studies at Flinders Law School, South Australia. Elizabeth Abery is a Lecturer in Social Health Sciences at Flinders

The cycle of student and staff wellbeing: Emotional labour and extension requests in Higher Education. A Practice Report

This paper suggests that the sociological theory of emotional labour is a useful way to interpret how teaching practices in Higher Education often involve the simultaneous management of both staff and student wellbeing. This paper applies Berry and Cassidy’s Higher Education Emotional Labour model (2013) to the management of extension requests. We put forward a case study of...

Teaching in Focus: The value of implementing a program-specific teaching support project for staff wellbeing and student success

This paper reports on a program-level teaching support initiative that was implemented in a Health Sciences undergraduate degree with a large and highly casualised teaching team. It has been argued that to improve student retention and success, universities need to consider implementing comprehensive teaching support models that address institutional, program, and individual...

Work Integrated Learning: What do the students want? A qualitative study of Health Sciences students’ experiences of a non-competency based placement

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) offers students the opportunity to explore and expand on theoretical concepts encountered throughout their academic studies in an applied real-life context. WIL also assists students in their transition from educational to professional practice informed by experience, engagement and reflection. Traditionally, disciplines such as Medicine, Nursing...