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Women born with very low birth weight have similar menstrual cycle pattern, pregnancy rates and hormone profiles compared with women born at term

Individuals born very preterm or with very low birth weight (VLBW) have a reduced likelihood to reproduce according to population-based register studies. Extremely low-birth weight born adults had a lower reproduction rate for both men and women in a follow-up study. To investigate if being born with VLBW is associated with differences in the reproductive health, i.e. age of...

Testosterone-like immunoreactivity in hair measured in minute sample amounts - a competitive radioimmunoassay with an adequate limit of detection

: Jakob O Ström received consultant fees from Bayer Pharmaceuticals during 2016. Julia K Slezak and Elvar Theodorsson declare no potential conflict of interest. Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains

Full method validation in clinical chemistry

Clinical chemistry is subject to the same principles and standards used in all branches of metrology in chemistry for validation of measurement methods. The use of measuring systems in clinical chemistry is, however, of exceptionally high volume, diverse and involves many laboratories and systems. Samples for measuring the same measurand from a certain patient are likely to...

Development of salivary cortisol circadian rhythm in preterm infants

MoÈrelius. Project administration: Katrin Ivars, Nina Nelson, Evalotte MoÈrelius. Resources: Elvar Theodorsson. Supervision: Nina Nelson, Evalotte MoÈrelius. Validation: Elvar Theodorsson. Visualization ... : Katrin Ivars, Nina Nelson, Elvar Theodorsson, Jakob O. StroÈm, Evalotte MoÈrelius. Writing ± original draft: Katrin Ivars, Nina Nelson, Evalotte MoÈrelius. Writing ± review & editing: Nina Nelson

Elevated body swing test after focal cerebral ischemia in rodents: methodological considerations

Background The elevated body swing test (EBST) is a behavioral test used to evaluate experimental stroke in rodents. The basic idea is that when the animal is suspended vertically by the tail, it will swing its head laterally to the left or right depending on lesion side. In a previous study from our lab using the EBST after middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAo), rats swung...

Development of Salivary Cortisol Circadian Rhythm and Reference Intervals in Full-Term Infants

Background Cortisol concentrations in plasma display a circadian rhythm in adults and children older than one year. Earlier studies report divergent results regarding when cortisol circadian rhythm is established. The present study aims to investigate at what age infants develop a circadian rhythm, as well as the possible influences of behavioral regularity and daily life trauma...

Effects of high and low 17β-estradiol doses on focal cerebral ischemia: negative results

Chemistry, County Council of Östergötland, Linköping, SwedenJakob O. Strom, Edvin Ingberg, Elvar Theodorsson & Annette TheodorssonNeurosurgery, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Faculty of ... • Google ScholarSearch for Edvin Ingberg in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Elvar Theodorsson in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Annette Theodorsson

Method parameters’ impact on mortality and variability in rat stroke experiments: a meta-analysis

Background Even though more than 600 stroke treatments have been shown effective in preclinical studies, clinically proven treatment alternatives for cerebral infarction remain scarce. Amongst the reasons for the discrepancy may be methodological shortcomings, such as high mortality and outcome variability, in the preclinical studies. A common approach in animal stroke...

Higher Perceived Stress but Lower Cortisol Levels Found among Young Greek Adults Living in a Stressful Social Environment in Comparison with Swedish Young Adults

The worldwide financial crisis during recent years has raised concerns of negative public health effects. This is notably evident in southern Europe. In Greece, where the financial austerity has been especially pronounced, the prevalence of mental health problems including depression and suicide has increased, and outbreaks of infectious diseases have risen. The main objective in...

An Experimental Model of Tennis Elbow in Rats: A Study of the Contribution of the Nervous System

Eva Haker 0 Elvar Theodorsson 0 Thomas Lundeberg 0 0 The Editors of Inflammation retracted this article due to a finding of plagiarism and possible scientific fraud on the part of Dr. Lundeberg

An Experimental Study of the Neurogenic and the Immunological Contribution to “Tennis Elbow” in Rats

Eva Haker 0 Elvar Theodorsson 0 Thomas Lundeberg 0 0 The Editors of Inflammation retracted this article due to a finding of plagiarism and possible scientific fraud on the part of Dr. Lundeberg

Different methods for administering 17β-estradiol to ovariectomized rats result in opposite effects on ischemic brain damage

Background Numerous stroke studies have controversially shown estrogens to be either neuroprotective or neurodamaging. The discordant results observed in rat brain ischemia models may be a consequence of discrepancies in estrogen administration modes resulting in plasma concentration profiles far from those intended. To test this hypothesis we reproduced in detail and extended an...

EPMA-World Congress 2015

A54 The EMPOWER project: laboratory medicine and Horizon 2020 Wytze P. Oosterhuis, Elvar Theodorsson A55 Personality profile manifestations in patient’s attitude to oral care and adherence to doctor’s