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Global DNA methylation changes spanning puberty are near predicted estrogen-responsive genes and enriched for genes involved in endocrine and immune processes

BackgroundThe changes that occur during puberty have been implicated in susceptibility to a wide range of diseases later in life, many of which are characterized by sex-specific differences in prevalence. Both genetic and environmental factors have been associated with the onset or delay of puberty, and recent evidence has suggested a role for epigenetic changes in the initiation...

Functional constraints on the constitutive androstane receptor inferred from human sequence variation and cross-species comparisons

Members of the NR1I subfamily of nuclear receptors play a role in the transcriptional activation of genes involved in drug metabolism and transport. NR1I3, the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR), mediates the induction of several genes involved in drug response, including members of the CYP3A, CYP2B and UGT1A subfamilies. Large inter-individual variation in drug clearance has...