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Rising up: Fertility trends in Egypt before and after the revolution

Conceptualization: Emma Radovich, Lenka Benova. Data curation: Emma Radovich. Formal analysis: Emma Radovich. Investigation: Lenka Benova. Methodology: Emma Radovich, Lenka Benova. Project administration: Emma ... Radovich. Resources: Atef el-Shitany, Lenka Benova. Supervision: Lenka Benova. Validation: Atef el-Shitany. Visualization: Emma Radovich. Writing ± original draft: Emma Radovich. Writing ± review

Pathways to increased coverage: an analysis of time trends in contraceptive need and use among adolescents and young women in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

Despite efforts to make contraceptive services more “youth friendly,” unmet need for contraception among young women in sub-Saharan Africa remains high. For health systems to effectively respond to the reproductive health needs of a growing youth population, it is imperative to understand their contraceptive needs and service seeking practices. This paper describes changes over...