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Removal of benzene, toluene, xylene and styrene by biotrickling filters and identification of their interactions

: Dongqi Liao, Enze Li. Formal analysis: Dongqi Liao. Funding acquisition: Jianjun Li, Meiying Xu, Guoping Sun. Investigation: Enze Li, Peiyuan Zeng. Methodology: Dongqi Liao, Enze Li, Rongfang Feng ... , Guoping Sun. Project administration: Meiying Xu, Guoping Sun. Resources: Rongfang Feng, Meiying Xu, Guoping Sun. Software: Dongqi Liao, Enze Li. Supervision: Jianjun Li, Meiying Xu, Guoping Sun

Enhancement of anti-tumor effects of 5-fluorouracil on hepatocellular carcinoma by low-intensity ultrasound

Background Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) accounts for 75 % of liver cancers and is the second most lethal cancer, associated with its multiple etiologies, poor prognosis and resistance to chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy treatment on HCC suffers low efficacy of drug uptake and can produce a range of side effects. Here we report an investigation on the effect of a combined...

Inhibition of Jak-STAT3 pathway enhances bufalin-induced apoptosis in colon cancer SW620 cells

Background The purpose of the research is to investigate the roles of Jak-STAT3 signaling pathway in bufalin-induced apoptosis in colon cancer SW620 cells. Methods The inhibitory effects of bufalin on cell proliferation were determined by MTT (Methyl thiazolyltetrazolium) assay. The morphological changes of cells were measured by Wright-Giemsa staining. The cell cycle arrest and...