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Identification of zinc and Zur-regulated genes in Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Carlson and Scott Stibitz for critical review of the manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Eric D. Peng. Funding acquisition: Michael P. Schmitt. Investigation: Eric D. Peng. Methodology ... : Eric D. Peng. Supervision: Michael P. Schmitt. Writing ? original draft: Eric D. Peng. Writing ? review & editing: Eric D. Peng, Michael P. Schmitt. 16 / 19 17 / 19 18 / 19 2003; 31(22):6516?23. Epub

The Moving Junction Protein RON8 Facilitates Firm Attachment and Host Cell Invasion in Toxoplasma gondii

The apicomplexan moving junction (MJ) is a highly conserved structure formed during host cell entry that anchors the invading parasite to the host cell and serves as a molecular sieve of host membrane proteins that protects the parasitophorous vacuole from host lysosomal destruction. While recent work in Toxoplasma and Plasmodium has reinforced the composition of the MJ as an...

Identification of Novel Proteins in Neospora caninum Using an Organelle Purification and Monoclonal Antibody Approach

Neospora caninum is an important veterinary pathogen that causes abortion in cattle and neuromuscular disease in dogs. Neospora has also generated substantial interest because it is an extremely close relative of the human pathogen Toxoplasma gondii, yet does not appear to infect humans. While for Toxoplasma there are a wide array of molecular tools and reagents available for...