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Did a “perfect storm” of oceanic changes and continental anthropogenic impacts cause northern hemisphere anguillid recruitment reductions?

ICES Journal of Marine Science ( Marine Science Michael J. Miller 1 Eric Feunteun 0 Katsumi Tsukamoto 1 0 Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Station Marine de Dinard , 38, rue du port Blanc

Influence of introduced vs. native parasites on the body condition of migrant silver eels

Feunteun 1 Anthony Acou 1 0 CNRS, Centre de Formation et de Recherche sur les Environnements Me ́diterrane ́ens, UMR 5110 , 66860 Perpignan , France 1 UMR 7208 BOREA, CRESCO, Muse ́um National d'Histoire

An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Assess the Status of a Mediterranean Ecosystem, the Posidonia oceanica Seagrass Meadow

Biotic indices, which reflect the quality of the environment, are widely used in the marine realm. Sometimes, key species or ecosystem engineers are selected for this purpose. This is the case of the Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica, widely used as a biological quality element in the context of the European Union Water Framework Directive (WFD). The good quality of a...