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Fighting the Formula: Adherence to Unspoken Rules Limit the Value of Individual Events

Speech and Rhetorical Studies Commons Eric Mishne ? Independent Scholar Eric Mishne (MA , Ohio University) Eric is an independent public speaking coach for high-school forensics and non-academic


By Eric Mishne, Published on 01/12/15 ... the Fiction Commons Recommended Citation - S Eric Mishne Article 16 Thi s Creative Writing is brought to you for free and open access by the accepted for inclusion in The H illtop Review by an

Enacting Compassion: Enactment and the Theory of Image Restoration in Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk, "The Price of Shame"

Cyberbullying is an ever-growing concern, and its effects are not escaping the public eye. Monica Lewinsky spoke at TED Vancouver in 2015 about the effects of cyberbullying and suggested a change in the cultural attitude online toward one of compassion. This paper argues that components of William Benoit’s Theory of Image Restoration (TIR) are relevant to understanding Lewinsky’s...

Conceptualizing Positive and Negative Experiences and Responses in the Basic Communication Course

Communication Studies at Ohio University. Eric Mishne is a doctoral student in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University. Brandi N. Frisby (Ph.D., West Virginia University, 2010) is an associate