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Generation of transgenic marmosets expressing genetically encoded calcium indicators

Chronic monitoring of neuronal activity in the living brain with optical imaging techniques became feasible owing to the continued development of genetically encoded calcium indicators (GECIs). Here we report for the first time the successful generation of transgenic marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), an important nonhuman primate model in neurophysiological research, which were...

The transcriptomes of novel marmoset monkey embryonic stem cell lines reflect distinct genomic features

Salinas-Riester Sigrid Fuchs Erika Sasaki R?diger Behr OPEN Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are useful for the study of embryonic development. However, since research on naturally conceived human embryos is ... currently published set of marmoset ES cell lines was completed in 2009 when we published an additional marmoset ES cell line which was originally also generated by Erika Sasaki and colleagues7. Unfortunately

Resequencing of the common marmoset genome improves genome assemblies and gene-coding sequence analysis

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Generation of transgenic cynomolgus monkeys that express green fluorescent protein throughout the whole body

Azami Junko Okahara Shinichiro Nakamura Yoshitaka Hayashi Seiji Hitoshi Yasushi Itoh Takeshi Imamura Masaki Nishimura Ikuo Tooyama Hiroyuki Miyoshi Mitinori Saitou Kazumasa Ogasawara Erika Sasaki