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Cervical cancer screening knowledge and barriers among women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

/ 13 S2 File. Qualitative topic guide. (PDF) (PDF) S1 Table. FGD participants file. Acknowledgments Adamu Addissie, Eva J. Kantelhardt. dimu Ayele. We would like to thanks also all data collectors ... : Sefonias Getachew, Eyerusalem Getachew, Eva J. Kantelhardt. Formal analysis: Sefonias Getachew, Eyerusalem Getachew, Adamu Addissie, Eva J. Kantelhardt. Funding acquisition: Eva J. Kantelhardt

Prospective evaluation of prognostic factors uPA/PAI-1 in node-negative breast cancer: Phase III NNBC3-Europe trial (AGO, GBG, EORTC-PBG) comparing 6 × FEC versus 3 × FEC/3 × Docetaxel

Background Today, more than 70% of patients with primary node-negative breast cancer are cured by local therapy alone. Many patients receive overtreatment by adjuvant chemotherapy due to inadequate risk assessment. So far, few clinical trials have prospectively evaluated tumor biology based prognostic factors. Risk assessment by a biological algorithm including invasion factors...