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Cells of human breast milk

Human milk is a complex fluid that has developed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of infants. In addition to proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and other biologically active components, breast milk contains a diverse microbiome that is presumed to colonize the infant gastrointestinal tract and a heterogeneous population of cells with unclear physiological roles and health...

Melts of Octaacetyl Sucrose as Oral-Modified Release Dosage Forms for Delivery of Poorly Soluble Compound in Stable Amorphous Form

The presented work describes the formulation and characterization of modified release glassy solid dosage forms (GSDFs) containing an amorphous nifedipine, as a model BCS (Biopharmaceutical Classification System) class II drug. The GSDFs were prepared by melting nifedipine together with octaacetyl sucrose. Dissolution profiles, measured under standard and biorelevant conditions...

Influence of the Melissa officinalis Leaf Extract on Long-Term Memory in Scopolamine Animal Model with Assessment of Mechanism of Action

Piasecka,4 Piotr Kachlicki,4 Radoslaw Kujawski,2 Anna Bogacz,5,6 Joanna Bartkowiak-Wieczorek,5 Michal Szulc,3 Ewa Kaminska,3 Malgorzata Kujawska,7 Jadwiga Jodynis-Liebert,7 Agnieszka Gryszczynska,2 Bogna

Improvement in Long-Term Memory following Chronic Administration of Eryngium planum Root Extract in Scopolamine Model: Behavioral and Molecular Study

. Mikolajczak,2,3 Anna Piasecka,4 Piotr Kachlicki,4 Michal Szulc,3 Ewa Kaminska,3 Anna Bogacz,2,5 Radoslaw Kujawski,2 Joanna Bartkowiak-Wieczorek,2,5 Malgorzata Kujawska,6 Jadwiga Jodynis-Liebert,6 Jaromir