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Estudos sôbre a inflorescência de milho com referência especial aos problemas filogenéticos

1) The present paper deals with variations in the structure of the inflorescences of the Maydeae Americanae, especially of the ear of Zea Mays, which came under observation during our genetical studies during the last 10 years. Care was tauken to include only such structures which were observed frequently and had in general an aspect which could not be described as a pathological...

Coeficiente de variação e índice de variança

. E. Teixeira Mendes, F. G. Brieger, C. A. Krug e A. Carvalho.) Bragantia 1: 26-119, gráf. 1-32, 1941.         [ Links ] 2.  Brieger, F. G., S. Moreira e Z. Leme. Estudo sobre o melhoramento da