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Orthorexia Nervosa: A cross-sectional study among athletes competing in endurance sports in Northern Italy

for ORTO-15 questionnaire and Eating Habit Questionnaire (EHQ) items and subscale. K: Knowledge; P: Problem; F: Feeling. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Fabrizio Bert, Maria Rosaria ... Gualano, Gianluca Voglino, Paola Rossello, Jean Paul Perret, Roberta Siliquini. Data curation: Fabrizio Bert, Maria Rosaria Gualano, Gianluca Voglino, Paola Rossello, Jean Paul Perret, Roberta Siliquini

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Schistosomiasis Among Children in Northern Senegal

BackgroundSchistosomiasis is a highly prevalent parasitic disease in Senegal. The early symptoms are hematuria and dysuria. Children's comprehension of the disease is fundamental to preventing the infection.ObjectivesThe aim of this study was to investigate the knowledge attitudes, and practices related to schistosomiasis among schoolchildren in 2 rural villages in Northern...

Electronic cigarettes: assessing the efficacy and the adverse effects through a systematic review of published studies

1 Maria Rosaria Gualano, Assistant Professor in Public Health Stefano Passi, Resident in Public Health Fabrizio Bert, Researcher in Public Health Giuseppe La Torre, Associate Professor in Public

Antibiotic Use: A Cross-Sectional Survey Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices amongst Students of a School of Medicine in Italy

Background Since antibiotic resistance has become a worldwide public health concern and is in part related to physicians’ lack of knowledge, it is essential to focus our attention on healthcare profession students. The present study aims at evaluating the knowledge and attitudes of the School of Medicine’s students towards antibiotic usage and antibiotic resistance. Methods In...

Suicide attempts and emergency room psychiatric consultation

Background Suicidal behaviours are major public health concerns worldwide. They are associated with risk factors that vary with age and gender, occur in combination, and may change over time. The aim of our study was to investigate how frequently patients visiting a hospital emergency room (ER) require a psychiatric consultation for attempted suicide, and to outline the...

Correlation between driving-related skill and alcohol use in young-adults from six European countries: the TEN-D by Night Project

Background Only few studies with small experimental samples investigated the impact of psychoactive substances on driving performance. We conducted a multicenter international cross-sectional study to evaluate the correlation between alcohol use and driving-related skill as measured by brake reaction time (RT). Methods Before and after the entrance into randomly selected...

Surfing the internet for health information: an italian survey on use and population choices

Background Recent international sources have described how the rapid expansion of the Internet has precipitated an increase in its use by the general population to search for medical information. Most studies on e-health use investigated either through the prevalence of such use and the social and income patterns of users in selected populations, or the psychological consequences...