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Modelling collaboration of primary and secondary care for children with complex care needs: long-term ventilation as an example

’ contributions All authors contributed in the conception of the study. Daniela Luzi, Fabrizio Pecoraro and Oscar Tamburis defined the methodology and developed the UML diagrams. Maria Brenner and Miriam O’Shea ... developed and administered the questionnaires as well as collected the answers provided by the CAs. Daniela Luzi, Fabrizio Pecoraro and Oscar Tamburis analysed the answers and produced the results. All

Control of the upper body accelerations in young and elderly women during level walking

Background The control of the head movements during walking allows for the stabilisation of the optic flow, for a more effective processing of the vestibular system signals, and for the consequent control of equilibrium. In young individuals, the oscillations of the upper body during level walking are characterised by an attenuation of the linear acceleration going from pelvis to...

Assessment of level-walking aperiodicity

Background: In gait analysis, walking is assumed to be periodic for the sake of simplicity, despite the fact that, strictly speaking, it can only approximate periodicity and, as such, may be referred to as pseudo-periodic. This study aims at: 1) quantifying gait pseudo-periodicity using information concerning a single stride; 2) investigating the effects of walking pathway length...