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Comprehensive analysis of the influence of structural and dynamic parameters on the accuracy of nano-precision positioning stages

Nano-precision positioning stages are characterized by rigid-flexible coupling systems. The complex dynamic characteristics of mechanical structure of a stage, which are determined by structural and dynamic parameters, exert a serious influence on the accuracy of its motion and measurement. Systematic evaluation of such influence is essential for the design and improvement of...

Sugary beverage consumption mediates the relationship between late chronotype, sleep duration, and weight increase among undergraduates: a cross-sectional study

BackgroundThe study aimed to explore whether sugary beverage consumption is a key mediator of late chronotype, sleep duration, and weight increase in college students in China.MethodsThe cross-sectional study was conducted in four universities using a sample of 800 undergraduate students recruited by cluster sampling. A self-reported questionnaire was given out to collect...

Cochlear hair cell densities in the rabbit

A typical cochleogram was plotted to investigate hair cell densities as a percentage along the whole length of the basilar membrane (BM) of the rabbit, the length of the BM and the width of the organ of Corti. We generated surface preparations of cochlea from adult, healthy New Zealand White (NZW) rabbits. The numbers of inner hair cells (IHCs) and outer hair cells (OHCs) were...

MiRNA-142-3p increases radiosensitivity in human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells by inhibiting the expression of CD133

. 2017YFA0106200), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 81402319), the Beijing Nova Program (no. Z161100004916133). Author information Author notes Fang Yuan and Lu Liu contributed equally to ... , ChinaLu LiuDepartment of Plastic Surgery, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Beijing, 100853, ChinaYonghong Lei AuthorsSearch for Fang Yuan in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Lu

Experimental Study of the Basic Mechanical Properties of Directionally Distributed Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China Correspondence should be addressed to Fang-Yuan Li; nc.ude.ijgnot@ilyf Received 6 April 2018; Accepted 22 May 2018 ... ; Published 20 June 2018 Academic Editor: Enzo Martinelli Copyright © 2018 Fang-Yuan Li et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

Study of the Effect of Fibre Orientation on Artificially Directed Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

-Yuan Li; nc.ude.ijgnot@ilyf Received 30 November 2017; Revised 19 January 2018; Accepted 24 January 2018; Published 5 March 2018 Academic Editor: Aniello Riccio Copyright © 2018 Fang-Yuan Li et al ... of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China 2Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China Correspondence should be addressed to Fang

Two special kinds of least squares solutions for the quaternion matrix equation AXB+CXD=E

By Shi-fang Yuan and Qing-wen Wang, Published on 01/01/12 ... :// Recommended Citation - TWO SPECIAL KINDS OF LEAST SQUARES SOLUTIONS FOR THE QUATERNION MATRIX EQUATION AX B + CX D = E ? SHI-FANG YUAN? AND QING-WEN WANG

cxcl12-engineered endothelial progenitor cells enhance neurogenesis and angiogenesis after ischemic brain injury in mice

BackgroundIschemic stroke causes a multitude of brain damage. Neurovascular injury and myelin sheath degradation are two manifestations of ischemic brain damage. Therapeutic strategies aiming only at repairing the neural components or the vessels cannot efficiently restore neurological function. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) have the advantages of both promoting...

Coexisting Oscillation and Extreme Multistability for a Memcapacitor-Based Circuit

The coexisting oscillations are observed with a memcapacitor-based circuit that consists of two linear inductors, two linear resistors, and an active nonlinear charge-controlled memcapacitor. We analyze the dynamics of this circuit and find that it owns an infinite number of equilibrium points and coexisting attractors, which means extreme multistability arises. Furthermore, we...

Glucose Intake Alters Expression of Neuropeptides Derived from Proopiomelanocortin in the Lateral Hypothalamus and the Nucleus Accumbens in Fructose Preference Rats

Haiying Wang,2 Weilin Zhao,2 Yanwei Cui,2 Yongjing Liu,2 Feng Gao,4 Fang Yuan,1 and Yi Zhang1,5 1Department of Physiology, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang 050017, China 2Department of Human Sport

Disformal transformation in Newton–Cartan geometry

Newton–Cartan geometry has played a central role in recent discussions of the non-relativistic holography and condensed matter systems. Although the conformal transformation in non-relativistic holography can easily be rephrased in terms of Newton–Cartan geometry, we show that it requires a nontrivial procedure to arrive at the consistent form of anisotropic disformal...

mPEG-PLA/TPGS mixed micelles via intranasal administration improved the bioavailability of lamotrigine in the hippocampus

mPEG-PLA/TPGS mixed micelles via intranasal administration improved the bioavailability of lamotrigine in the hippocampus Anan Yu,1,* Jieqiong Lv,1,* Fang Yuan,1 Zihua Xia,1 Kaiyan Fan,1 Gang Chen

Aromatic amino acids in the cellulose binding domain of Penicillium crustosum endoglucanase EGL1 differentially contribute to the cellulose affinity of the enzyme

The cellulose binding domain (CBD) of cellulase binding to cellulosic materials is the initiation of a synergistic action on the enzymatic hydrolysis of the most abundant renewable biomass resources in nature. The binding of the CBD domain to cellulosic substrates generally relies on the interaction between the aromatic amino acids structurally located on the flat face of the CBD...

Chronic Intermittent Hypobaric Hypoxia Improves Cardiac Function through Inhibition of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress

We investigated the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) in chronic intermittent hypobaric hypoxia (CIHH)-induced cardiac protection. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to CIHH treatment simulating 5000 m altitude for 28 days, 6 hours per day. The heart was isolated and perfused with Langendorff apparatus and subjected to 30-min ischemia followed by 60-min...

A Novel Memcapacitor Model and Its Application for Generating Chaos

Memristor and memcapacitor are new nonlinear devices with memory. We present a novel memcapacitor model that has the capability of capturing the behavior of a memcapacitor. Based on this model we also design a chaotic oscillator circuit that contains a HP memristor and the memcapacitor model for generating good pseudorandom sequences. Its dynamic behaviors, including equilibrium...

Involvement of G-triplex and G-hairpin in the multi-pathway folding of human telomeric G-quadruplex

G-quadruplex (G4) can be formed by G-rich DNA sequences that are widely distributed throughout the human genome. Although G-triplex and G-hairpin have been proposed as G4 folding intermediates, their formation still requires further investigation by experiments. Here, we employed single-molecule FRET to characterize the folding dynamics of G4 from human telomeric sequence. First...

A study on the risk of fungal infection with tofacitinib (CP-690550), a novel oral agent for rheumatoid arthritis

Tofacitinib (CP-690550), an oral Janus kinase inhibitor, has shown significant efficacy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis through blocking the signaling pathways of pro-inflammatory cytokines. However, recent evidence suggests that long-term tofacitinib treatment is associated with increased risk of infection (e.g. tuberculosis) in patients. In the present study, we...

Accurately annotate compound effects of genetic variants using a context-sensitive framework

In genomics, effectively identifying the biological effects of genetic variants is crucial. Current methods handle each variant independently, assuming that each variant acts in a context-free manner. However, variants within the same gene may interfere with each other, producing combinational (compound) rather than individual effects. In this work, we introduce COPE, a gene...

Extraordinarily potent proinflammatory properties of lactoferrin-containing immunocomplexes against human monocytes and macrophages

-Liang Dong Qiao Zhong Xiao-Ming Gao Fang-Yuan Gong OPEN Lactoferrin (LTF), an important first line defense molecule against infection, is a common target for humoral autoimmune reactions in humans