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\(d^*(2380)\) and its partners in a diquark model

The purpose of the present study was to explore the possibility of accommodating the \(d^*(2380)\) and its flavor SU(3) partners in a diquark model. Proposing that \(d^*(2380)\) is composed of three vector diquarks, its mass is calculated by use of an effective Hamiltonian approach and its decay width is estimated by considering the effects of quark tunneling from one diquark to...

New partnerships among single older adults: a Q methodology study

The social structure is changing with an increase in the ratio of the older population, resulting in a growing number of older people being faced with singlehood. This study identified and described single older adults’ differing perspectives on new relationships. We used a Q methodology approach for data collection and analysis, following in-depth interviews with 10 participants...

Psychometric properties and performance of existing self-efficacy instruments in cancer populations: a systematic review

This study aims to provide a systematic compilation of existing measures of self-efficacy developed specifically for use in cancer patients and provide descriptions and comparative evaluations of the characteristics, psychometric properties and performance parameters. A systematic electronic database search was conducted in PubMed, Ovid (PsyINFO), EBSCO, Elsevier, Scopus to...

Accuracy of Commercial Molecular Diagnostics for the Detection of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in China: A Systematic Review

This systematic review assesses the accuracy of molecular diagnostic methods for the detection of pulmonary tuberculosis in studies performed in China, published in Chinese and English. We searched for studies that assessed the accuracy of molecular diagnostics for pulmonary TB in China in the China National Knowledge Infrastructure, the Wanfang Database, SinoMed, VIP Information...

Downregulation of G2/mitotic-specific cyclinB1 triggers autophagy via AMPK-ULK1-dependent signal pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells

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The structural equation model on self-efficacy during post-op rehabilitation among non-small cell lung cancer patients

Contributions Conceptualization: Fei Fei Huang, Qing Yang, Juan Zhang, Jing Ping Zhang. Investigation: Juan Zhang, Xuan Ye Han. Methodology: Fei Fei Huang. Resources: Juan Zhang. Supervision: Jing Ping Zhang ... . Validation: Qing Yang. Writing ? original draft: Fei Fei Huang. Writing ? review & editing: Fei Fei Huang, Qing Yang. 9 / 11 10 / 11 perceived social support. Psychosomatics. 2009; 50:461?467. https

A Nonlinear Creep Damage Model of Layered Rock under Unloading Condition

Triaxial unloading creep tests of layered rock specimen of Jinping II hydropower station were carried out using the rock creep testing machine; thus the creep deformation curves under different confining pressures were acquired. The test results showed that, in addition to the obvious unloading creep characteristics of rock specimen, the nonlinear accelerating creep deformation...

Connexin32 plays a crucial role in ROS-mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress apoptosis signaling pathway in ischemia reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury

, Fei Huang†1, Yanling Wang†1, Chaojin Chen1, Shan Wu1, Shaoli Zhou1Email author, Ziqing Hei1Email author and Dongdong Yuan1Email author †Contributed equally Journal of Translational Medicine201816 ... activation inhibition could attenuate I/R-induced renal cell apoptosis and AKI. Notes Yu Gu, Fei Huang and Yanling Wang contributed equally to this work Abbreviations I/R:  ischemia–reperfusion AKI

Risk Factors for Sepsis Based on Sepsis-3 Criteria after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

interest in this work. Authors’ Contributions Yanling Wang and Yu Gu contributed equally to this study. Conceived and designed the experiments: Fei Huang, Dezhao Liu, and Zheng Zhang. Performed the ... experiments: Yanling Wang, Yu Gu, Fei Huang, Dezhao Liu, Zheng Zhang, Niman Zhou, Jiani Liang, and Changyin Lu. Analyzed the data: Yanling Wang and Yu Gu. Wrote the paper: Yanling Wang. Guided the study and

Special issue on recent progress in organic electronics and photonics

colleagues from the editorial office of Science China Chemistry for handling manuscripts and organizing this issue. Fei Huang is a professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the South

A new method based on SNP of nrDNA-ITS to identify Saccharum spontaneum and its progeny in the genus Saccharum

: Shan Yang, Xueting Li, Yongji Huang, Zuhu Deng. Data curation: Shan Yang, Xueting Li, Yongji Huang. Formal analysis: Shan Yang, Xueting Li. Funding acquisition: Zuhu Deng. Investigation: Fei Huang ... : Zuhu Deng, Rukai Chen. Validation: Fei Huang, Qinnan Wang. Visualization: Fei Huang. 10 / 12 Writing ? original draft: Shan Yang, Xueting Li. Writing ? review & editing: Fei Huang, Yongji Huang

Alice-Bob Physics: Coherent Solutions of Nonlocal KdV Systems

In natural and social science, many events happened at different space-times may be closely correlated. Two events, A (Alice) and B (Bob) are defined correlated if one event is determined by another, say, B= f ˆ A for suitable f ˆ operators. Taking KdV and coupled KdV systems as examples, we can find some types of models (AB-KdV systems) to exhibit the existence on the correlated...

Acetylation Modification Improves Immunoregulatory Effect of Polysaccharide from Seeds of Plantago asiatica L.

The current study was conducted to investigate effects of acetylated Plantago asiatica L. polysaccharides (Ac-PLCPs) on their immunoregulatory activities in bone-marrow-derived dendritic cells (DCs) model. Influences of natural Plantago asiatica L. crude polysaccharide (PLCP) and Ac-PLCPs on inducing phenotypic and functional maturation on DCs were determined. The results showed...

Side-chain modification of polyethylene glycol on conjugated polymers for ternary blend all-polymer solar cells with efficiency up to 9.27%

With the rapid progress achieved by all-polymer solar cells (all-PSCs), wide-bandgap copolymers have attracted intensive attention for their unique advantage of constructing complementary absorption profiles with conventional narrow-bandgap copolymers. In this work, we designed and synthesized a wide bandgap ternary copolymer PEG-2% which has the benzodithiophene-alt...

Graphitized nanocarbon-supported metal catalysts: synthesis, properties, and applications in heterogeneous catalysis

authors declare that they have no conflict of Fei Huang received his MSc degree in industrial catalysis from Southwest Petroleum University in 2016. Now he is a PhD candidate in Prof. Hongyang Liu

Regioregular narrow-bandgap-conjugated polymers for plastic electronics

, Institute of Polymer Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, ChinaLei Ying, Fei Huang & Guillermo C. BazanDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Center ... for Fei Huang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Guillermo C. Bazan in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions L.Y., F.H. and G.C.B. drafted the

Identification of key genes and pathways associated with neuropathic pain in uninjured dorsal root ganglion by using bioinformatic analysis

Identification of key genes and pathways associated with neuropathic pain in uninjured dorsal root ganglion by using bioinformatic analysis Chao-Jin Chen,* De-Zhao Liu,* Wei-Feng Yao, Yu Gu, Fei

Overexpression of Brg1 Alleviates Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Acute Lung Injury through Antioxidative Stress Effects

the experiments; Shaoli Zhou analyzed the data; Weifeng Yao interpreted the experimental results and prepared the figures; Mian Ge and Chaojin Chen drafted the manuscript; Fei Huang and Jun Cai edited

Early Postnatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Leads to Later Airway Inflammation in Asthmatic Mice

Background and objective Asthma is one of the most common airway inflammatory diseases. In most cases, asthma development is related to ubiquitous harmful environmental exposure factors in early-life. Previous studies have indicated that smoking can promote asthma development and increase the difficulty of asthma control. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of...