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Synthetic immunity to break down the bottleneck of cancer immunotherapy

As a result of recent breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapies, unprecedented and durable remission, and even cure, has been reported in some patients. Importantly, this progress has been achieved, not by the induction of immunity, but by the delivery of immunity in the form of engineered antibodies (eAbs) or effector T cells. However, these single-target technologies have failed...

O-glycan profiling of serum glycan for potential renal cancer biomarkers

Serum was obtained from 25 male renal cell carcinoma (RCC) patients and 21 healthy males. O-glycans were released by a β-elimination reaction and purified by graphitized carbon cartridge solid phase extraction, then profiled by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation-time of flight mass spectrometry. After noise removal and peak alignment, 1372 peaks were extracted from...

Profiling of the transcriptome of Porphyra yezoensis with Solexa sequencing technology

With high-throughput Solexa sequencing technology, we profiled Porphyra yezoensis transcriptomes from 8 different samples. More than 1200 megabases from 13333334 quality paired-end reads were generated, which were assembled into 31538 unigenes. Blast analysis showed that 56.7% unigenes were novel, which represented the specific genes of Porphyra and/or rhodophytes. Several...