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Association of Intron Loss with High Mutation Rate in Arabidopsis: Implications for Genome Size Evolution

Yu-Fei Yang 0 Tao Zhu 0 Deng-Ke Niu 0 0 MOE Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering, and Beijing Key Laboratory of Gene Resource and Molecular Development, College of Life

The embodiment of emotion: language use during the feeling of social emotions predicts cortical somatosensory activity

Complex social emotions involve both abstract cognitions and bodily sensations, and individuals may differ on their relative reliance on these. We hypothesized that individuals’ descriptions of their feelings during a semi-structured emotion induction interview would reveal two distinct psychological styles—a more abstract, cognitive style and a more body-based, affective style...

Splicing proofreading at 5′ splice sites by ATPase Prp28p

Fidelity and efficiency of pre-mRNA splicing are critical for generating functional mRNAs, but how such accuracy in 5′ splice site (SS) selection is attained is not fully clear. Through a series of yeast genetic screens, we isolated alleles of prp28 that improve splicing of suboptimal 5′SS substrates, demonstrating that WT-Prp28p proofreads, and consequently rejects, poor 5′SS...

A study of aortic dimension in type B aortic dissection

Difference between arch diameter and true lumen diameter in the descending aorta was studied in patients with type B aortic dissection. The diameters of the aortic arch (Proximal ϕ) and mid-descending aorta (Distal ϕ) were measured on computer tomography angiography (CTA) in 20 healthy adults. Forty-two patients with type B aortic dissection who underwent endovascular repair were...