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The online measured black carbon aerosol and source orientations in the Nam Co region, Tibet

Equivalent black carbon (eBC) mass concentrations were measured by an aethalometer (AE-31) in the Nam Co, central Tibet from 2010 to 2014. Different from previous filter-sampling studies (Ming et al., J Environ Sci 22(11):1748–1756, 2010; Zhao et al., Environ Sci Pollut Res 20:5827–5838, 2013), the first high-resolution online eBC measurement conducted in central Tibet is...

Grey Tienshan Urumqi Glacier No.1 and light-absorbing impurities

The Tienshan Urumqi Glacier No.1 (TUG1) usually shows “grey” surfaces in summers. Besides known regional warming, what should be responsible for largely reducing its surface albedo and making it look “grey”? A field campaign was conducted on the TUG1 on a selected cloud-free day of 2013 after a snow fall at night. Fresh and aged snow samples were collected in the field, and snow...