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Charpy impact resistance of alkali treated curaua reinforced polyester composites

Natural fibers obtained from cellulose-based plants are being used as reinforcement of polymer composite owing to both environmental and technical advantages. One important technical characteristic of most lignocellulosic fibers is the bend flexibility, which allows them to resist impact forces. As a consequence, there is an increasing application of these lignocellulosic fibers...

Natural Lignocellulosic Fibers as Engineering Materials—An Overview

Recent investigations on the tensile properties of natural cellulose-based fibers revealed an increasing potential as engineering materials. This is particularly the case of very thin fibers of some species such as sisal, ramie, and curaua. However, several other commonly used fibers such as flax, jute, hemp, coir, cotton, and bamboo as well as less known bagasse, piassava...